Business Process, Critical Core of all Enterprises

Implementation of Business Processes can determine the success or failure of a business.

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ExpressBPEL BPM Platform

A Standards based, enterprise class BPM Platform that supports Integration, HumanTask and CaseCentric Business Processes.

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Manufacturing Execution System for Pharmcuetical Manufacturing Industry. Automates Manufacturing and Quality Manufacturing Process for API, Formulations and BioPharma products.

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Features of the ExpressBPEL BPM Platform

ExpressBPEL BPM crafted by CodeBrew Technologies BPM P is a lean and state-of-art software BPM platform that allows an enterprise to automate its Business Processes. The platform supports Integration, Human Task and Case centric business process usecases.   Components of the ExpressBPEL BPM Platform include,

ExpressBPEL Process Engine

The ExpressBPEL Process Engine is the core server side component of the ExpressBPEL BPM Platform that hosts and executes a business process. The Engine implements the WS-BPEL 2.0 Standard for modeling business processes.

ExpressBPEL Editor

ExpressBPEL Editor is a Java based UserInterface that allows a Business Process designer to create a WS-BPEL 2.0 based Process definition visually. Its innovative Rapid Application Design enviroment creates web based application front-ends with zero-coding effort.

ExpressBPEL O&M

ExpressBPEL Operations & Management provides a unified view of the platform, business processes and communication adapters. Management and control of the platform components, and business processes and adapters can be done through a single console.


Enterprises need a reliable software platform that will deliver BPM capabilities for their existing requirements future requirements.


PharmaProc-MES Solution

A comprehensive MES solution for Pharma Manufacturing that models the entire Production and Quality Processes for Formulation, API and BioPharma manufacturing. Brings control over manufacturing process and moves from paper-based manufacturing to an eBMR capability.


ExpressBPEL Construction Project Management Solution

Manage your Engineering and Construction Projects using Process Automation technology. Automates project tasks and reporting function to provide accurate project status dashboards to all stakeholders.