This document intends to serve as the User Guide for the Express BPEL Editor  program. The Express BPEL Program is a Java based thick client User Interface that allows the user to create BPEL Process templates that be executed by the Express BPEL Engine.

This User Guide describes the screens of the ExpressBPEL Editor (EBE) and explains how these screens can be used to create the BPEL Process templates. The user is expected to have some familiarity with the BPEL standard to be able to use this document.

BPEL Process definition can be extremely complex and cumbersome to define by hand. Further the exercise of creating a process definition by hand can be error prone due to the inherent complexity.  The ExpressBPEL Editor provides an intuitive user interface allowing the user to visualize the process flow and its contained activities and thereby reduce the effort of creating a BPEL process.  It also prevents the user from defining incorrect process definitions and performing validation checks to ensure that the process definition created adheres to the BPEL standards and hence executable by a BPEL Process Engine.

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