Job code: KCBT007652

Job Description : Programmer-Java

Experience : 2 years of experience in writing solid code

Technology : Must has expertise with familiar 3 of the with,

  • Java and JSP/JQuery Familiar with SQL, JDBC, WebServices, REST-API, Struts, Xpath,XSLT, JSP/JQuerty
  • SQL & JDBC programming
  • Must be be familiar WebServices and REST-API
  • Must be familiar with XPath,XSLT technologies
  • Location : Bangalore,Hyderabad

Job code: KCBT006551

Job Description : Programmer-HMI

Experience : 2 years of programming experience in HMI/Scada technologies

Technology : Must have expertise with,

  • Configuring and Programing using HMI
  • Must have worked with Siemens, Rockwell, GE SCADA products
  • Must have worked with data-collection, tagging, alarm management, reporting
  • Must be familiar with C/C++/VisualBasic

Location : Bangalore,Hyderabad

Must be willing to travel 40%

Job code: KCBT069585

Job Description : Senior Programmer – Java-JSP

Experience : 3-5 years of experience as a developer using Java technologies. Experience with,

  • Translating requirements to design using ObjectOriented methodology.
  • Writing code independently
  • Must be familiar with testing tools (debugger etc)
  • Must have created design documents and testcase

Technology : Must be familiar with,

  • Java programming, including multithreading concepts
  • SQL, expertise in SQL and JDBC coding
  • Experience with WebServices and REST API with sound knowledge of WSDL
  • Must have coded on Application Container environments ( Apache, WAS etc.)
  • JSP and JQuery framework coding experience
  • Struts framework coding
  • Experience with XPath, XSLT
  • Knowledge of BPM Technologies
  • Familiarity with .NET framework

Location : Bangalore/Hyderabad

Travel : Must be willing to travel 20%

Job code: KCBT004444

Job Description : Technical Leader – Java-JSP-Swing
Experience : 5-7 years of experience with atleast 2 years in leading teams of 3-5 developers

  • Design expertise using ObjectOriented methodology and tools.
  • Hands on coding experience
  • Must be familiar with Testing tools and methodologies (functional and performance)
  • Must be familiar with Security and Business Continuity technologies
  • Customer handling is a must with good oral and written communication skills
  • Skills in Project Management, estimation, tracking and reporting.

Technology : Must has expertise with familiar with,

  • Java, SQL, JDBC, WebServices, REST-API, Struts, Xpath,XSLT, JSP/JQuerty
  • SQL, expertise in SQL and JDBC coding
  • Must be be familiar with BPM technologies
  • Must be familiar with Java-Swing GUI development
  • Familiarity/Experience in MMI programming using Rockwell,Siemens is a huge plus.

Location : Bangalore

Travel : Must be will to travel 20%

Must be experienced in using remote communication tools effectively.