ExpressBPEL Editor is the Visual IDE for a  developer to Visualize and Design a Business Process. The Editor also includes a Rapid Application Design environment for development of Web Forms associated with Human Tasks. The IDE provides a complete environment of development of Business Processes with 0% Coding effort.

Features of the ExpressBPEL Editor include,

  • Visual Design of the Business Process (WS-BPEL 2.0 compliant)
  • Visual  for data structures and variables in business process (WSDL style)
  • Import of 3rd-party application WSDL
  • Export of Business Process ( BPEL 2.0 compliant files and  WSDL)
  • Drag&Drop interface for BPEL Activities
  • Process Simulation and Debugging environment

Features of the RAD environment include,

  • Visual design of HumanTask Web Forms
  • Web Forms generated using  HTML5/JSP and Struts technologies
  • Forms supporting complex layouts with datastructure binding
  • Form Fields include simple, complex and table fields with data binding
  • Zero coding effort ( HTML5, JSP and Struts code generator)