ExpressBPEL Engine

ExpressBPEL Engine is the core Server-Side component of the ExpressBPEL BPM Platform. The Engine is responsible for hosting and executing Business Processes and providing the Communication and Content Management and HumanTask management services required by a Business Process.

The Engine supports the following broad set of BPM scenarios,

  • Integration Centric
  • HumanTask Centric
  • CaseManagement Centric

Robust architecture provides a fail-safe execution environment for business processes execution and its in-memory infrastructure can scale to over 10K processes-per-engine instance.

The engine supports the following key functionalities,

  • Execution of Business Processes compliant with the WS-BPEL 2.0 Standard (OASIS)
  • Communication Bus for enabling a business process to communicate with external applications using the Web Services, REST-API and JMS protocols.
  • Data Persistence in RDBMS using JDBC and simplified access using ORM API’s.
  • XSLT based Data Mapper for external data transformation
  • Adapter Library for Application Integration (JAVA,.NET,Scripting Languages)
  • ContentManagement support for content persistence and version management
  • HumanTask support compliant with WS-HumanTask standard (OASIS).

The Engine with the above capabilities supports the following set of BPM usecases,

  • Integration Centric Usecase, The Business Process can communicate to external entities using Web Services, REST-API, JMS and using Integration Adapters.
  • HumanTask Centric UseCase, Human Tasks within a Business Process can routed to the appropriate user within an Enterprise based on his/her role. Human Tasks display enabled via HTML/JSP forms.
  • Case-Centric Usecases,  requiring a combination of Integration and HumanTask centric capabilities and additionally requiring a robust Content Management system to support process steps, Human Tasks and Content modelled within a Business Process.

Business Process definitions are WS-BPEL 2.0 compliant which supports,

  • MicroFlows and Long running processes
  • Support for sequential and parallel execution of BPEL Activities
  • Support for BPEL Activites such as Control loops, Data assignment, external system communication
  • Support for modeling Business Process Faults and Compensation activities
  • Native support for the Web Services protocol
  • XPath style expressions and business rules
  • XSLT data mapping and transformation

Additional features of the platform includes,

  • Failover detection and business continuity support with 0% dataloss
  • Light-Weight Registry for external application registration and lookup
  • Business Process instance control (Start,Stop,Pause, Restart)
  • Simulation and debugging of Business Processes
  • Business Process data CheckPointing for recovery
  • In-memory execution to support over 10000 business process instances per instance