Engineering&Construction BPM

Engineering and Construction BPM (ECPM-BPM)

Engineering & Construction Projects are complex activities that require Manpower, Machines and Project Plans to come together for efficient delivery of complex projects. Operations Management oversight is key to delivery on-time with least cost and effort overruns.

The ECPM is a powerful solution that provides Project Status DashBoards in realtime by automating the Project Task reporting function in complex organizations. Real-Time project dashboards created by Gantt Chart based Project Plan updations provides key information for effective Operations Management.

Solution features include,

  • Real-Time Operations Management DashBoards
  • Effective and Easy-To-Use automated workflows for status Updates
  • Mapping of People in Organization for effective task routing
  • Rule based alerts for early detection of delays

Solution benefits include,

  • Improved reliability in ¬†Operations Management function
  • Drastic reduction in delays and cost-overruns
  • Improves ability of Organization to scale ¬†